Help Marielle's family establish the Marielle Franco Institute and support its firsts actions to preserve Marielle's legacy and nurture her seeds.


Imagine a School for Marielles where young black women from underserved areas can study. Imagine a Marielle Franco Center for Memory and Heritage. Now imagine a place where we could do all of that, preserving Marielle's legacy and nurturing her seeds.

Almost two years have passed since we lost Marielle and Anderson. Letting ourselves dream and imagine is not an easy task. But Marielle's family, who have been fighting tirelessly over the last 24 months, is daring to dream and willing to act.

The family just launched Marielle Franco's Institute, that will be our main tool to keep alive Marielle's memories and keep fighting for justice!

Now what we need to make these dreams a reality is the support of people like you who know that Marielle's fight is the fight for the future.

Done and help guarantee the existence and impact of the Marielle Franco Institute.

Keep scrolling to find our campaign goals and the rewards associated with each donation amount.

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1ST GOAL - U$25.000

Our first goal is to raise enough funds to run a Marielle House during March in Rio de Janeiro and do a nationwide launch tour. We want open and welcoming spaces, conversations and trainings for everyone who wants to keep fighting for Marielle’s legacy.

2ND GOAL - U$38.000

One of the Institute’s 4 action areas is Nurturing Marielle's Seeds. If we reach this goal, we will take the first step toward creating the Marielles School Project, developing a methodology and carrying out a first module! The School’s objective is to support young black LGBT women from Brazil’s peripheries as they face the challenges of the struggle for a more just and less unequal society.

3RD GOAL - U$50.000

Many people share Marielle’s image and name without understanding exactly which causes she defended. And it is worse: so many people are spreading lies and fake news about things that Marielle didn’t even believe in. If we reach our third goal, we will interview the people and movements that worked closely with Marielle. We will organize her struggles and approaches to action in a digital platform about her legacy that anyone can access.
4TH GOAL - U$75.000

We know that our steps are deeply rooted in the past. To honor those who came before us, remember their struggles, and preserve Marielle's history, if we reach the 4th goal, we will start building the Marielle Franco Center for Heritage and Memory, which will hold Marielle's physical and digital archives.

5TH GOAL - U$112.000

Making the dreams of an Institute-Movement like this one is a huge and important challenge. We will need to hire a team to coordinate the projects, respond to the demands that come from around the world, maintain physical and virtual organizing spaces and even look for other funding resources. That's why we need help to pay our bills until the end of the year. Can you support us?


We know that people who donate to a cause like this one are not thinking about rewards, but still we still want to return your gesture in a symbolic way so that we will always remember that we are together on this journey.

*Shipping not included and will be calculated at a later date.

If you give more than U$5
Seed support!
Your name will be forever registered on our website and on the walls of the Marielle House + you will receive a monthly email with the updates from our team.

If you give more than U$15
Stick with us!
Previous rewards + Institute stickers so you can spread this idea wherever you go!

If you give more than U$27
A historic symbol!
Previous rewards + a special version the historic Marielle Franco Street sign with updated artwork and the names of all the supporters.

If you give more than U$75
The Art is Cure!
Previous rewards + an exclusive, amazing A3 poster, made by incredible artists from Brazil!

If you give more than U$150
Love in the form of a book (and more art!)
Previous rewards + one version of each one of the posters made for the campaign + a signed special edition of the book "Letters to Marielle", by Anielle Franco.


"Openness" and "Sincerity" are two key principles of the Marielle Franco Institute. For us, transparency is a fundamental value. We are committed to responsible management of resources so that each cent of support received is transformed into concrete impacts toward our mission of transforming the world around us.

All of the people that donate to the Institute, regardless of the amount, have the option to receive regular communications about the activities we are carrying out.

The following chart shows how we are planning to use the funds raised through this campaign. Below it you will find the names of all of the people who have donated thus far.

Our main expenditures are on employee salaries, travel expenses, production costs for our activities, tech services, and taxes.

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This campaign is an initiative of the Marielle Franco Institute.

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